Wendy is an experienced speaker and event host. She ensures that the style of presentation perfectly melds with the audience, to enhance participation. Her signature style is providing a warm and engaging environment to enhance the audience experience, whether for 30 or 300 people. Connect with Wendy to host or speak at your next event at

Wendy established Conversation Club in 2015. At each event, two guest speakers talk about topics we may all face in our lives. After the first guest shares the story of a challenge they have confronted, we turn to our second speaker, who has rigorous professional and academic expertise in guiding people through similar challenges. This honesty encourages us to be brave and honest as well, while empowering us with the knowledge that we can share our journey with others who can guide us forward, safely.

Recent Events

Men’s Mental Health: Two men share their stories, skills and wisdom to empower us to recognise depression and support those we love.

Join mental health advocates Pete Shmigel and Dan Price in conversation with Wendy Searle at this Conversation Club event on how depression impacts those we love, what we can do to help and where we can go for support.
Both Dan and Pete have powerful and stories to share – and their bravery and dedication to the cause of men’s mental health will inspire, inform and support you if you wish to know more.
Suicide takes the lives of eight people a day in Australia, is double the national road toll and it is the leading cause of death for Australian males aged 15 – 44. We all need to talk about it. Join these these wonderful men at this intimate event while they share their incredibly valuable insights.

22 May 2019
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Imperial Hotel Paddington

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