In each episode of Home Truths Wendy visits the homes of ordinary people. They share with her extraordinary stories of their life, as unconquerable souls who live quietly in our neighbourhoods. Produced in association with Podcast One.

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Home Truths
Home Truths
People who have faced extreme hardships share their story and life learnings with Wendy Searle. Wendy speaks to people who have been bent by adversity, have faced it head-on and have come out the other side stronger. These people share how they overcame the dark times and what it has taught them about life and themselves. Each story teaches us that we are stronger we think.
HIV and Me

Diane married a man who she thought would be a great partner and stepfather to her children, but after the marriage she very quickly realised that he was not really who he said he was. Diane shares with host Wendy Searle how years later, her ex-husband's deception almost had fatal consequences for her and her family, and how Diane is now speaking out about this experience to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen to other people.

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HIV and Me
Choosing Life
It's Not Your Shame
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