In each episode of Home Truths Wendy visits the homes of ordinary people. They share with her extraordinary stories of their life, as unconquered heroes who live quietly in our neighbourhoods. Produced in association with Podcast One.

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Home Truths
Home Truths
People who have faced extreme hardships share their story and life learnings with Wendy Searle. Wendy speaks to people who have been bent by adversity, have faced it head-on and have come out the other side stronger. These people share how they overcame the dark times and what it has taught them about life and themselves. Each story teaches us that we are stronger we think.
Losing Hamish
by PodcastOne Australia

39 weeks into her pregnancy Jodie knew something wasn’t right. She couldn’t feel her baby moving. Jodie shares the story of her grief, acceptance and motivation to make her son’s short life count, with host Wendy Searle.

Losing Hamish
HIV and me
Choosing life
It's not your shame
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Inspiring and real. Wendy is a natural at getting through to the heart and helping people open up
J. Mathews
I love how authentic this podcast is. It’s amazing how these people who would normally not have a voice are given to really speak their truth. Listen to this podcast for something real, not staged
Ellen la Critic
Brave people share their stories of adversity, under the empathetic guidance of Wendy
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