5 Ways to Secure Your Executive Suite Success

November 10, 2017

What you need to do now for your Executive Suite career insights from two leading Australian businesswomen


Georgette Nicholas, CEO and Managing Director of Genworth Australia was recently in conversation with Anna Green, Partner and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group at a Conversation Club: Expert Insights event. They generously shared stories of their own journeys to success – Georgette being one of only ten female CEOs of an ASX 200 company, and Anna as leader of Boston Consulting Group’s Women@BCG initiative in the Asia-Pacific region. Their incisive direction and clarity on what we can do as individuals and what a company can do to bring more women into the management pipeline will be published in four articles over the next few weeks. Today’s article is a taster of what’s in store…


5 Ways to Secure Your Executive Suite Success

1. Know your numbers: To be able to move up and manage a business, you need to understand the bigger picture outside of your immediate expertise. Understand the profit & loss statements and numbers across the business where you can.

2. Keep on learning: Say “yes” to new opportunities. Broaden your skill set, push the boundaries. The broader your skill set, the more valuable you are as a manager.

3. Be out there: If you don’t have a mentor or sponsor, get one. You’re busy and need to target your efforts where they’ll have “maximum impact”. Advice from wise counsel will keep you on the right track.

4. Be in the right place. Most employers want effective diversity programmes, but only some are doing it well. Check out the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) for those who are best in show. If you are not somewhere where you are encouraged, supported and advised, think seriously about moving – it’s about the long term. For example, Georgette has been with Genworth for 12 years and Anna with Boston Consulting Group for 17 years.

5. Recognise it’s a two-way street: If you want flexibility, you need to build goodwill. A good employer will show mutual loyalty, empathy and consideration.

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